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Daily planning system

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

As summer approaches I tend to feel VERY unmotivated to get things done, I'm just so ready for School to be out and would rather be laying around or playing outside in the (finally) warm weather were having. I think I have also been getting a bit board of my old day planning method and have needed a change so I sat down and changed some things and I'm pretty dang excited about it. I've used a similar system to this in years past and have absolutely loved it, so I wanted to share. 💕

This planning system is my 3 ring binder method. Why use a big ole binder when there are all sorts of little planners you could buy or a million apps to download? Well, here's my thinking: a planner holds full size papers. Most of the papers my kids bring home are full size papers, 9 out of 10 important documents I have are full size papers and frankly I'm tired of papers floating around my kitchen. Having a binder gives me a spot to put all things I need to keep track of and until everything goes fully digital (including Birth Certificates and Social Security cards) its nice to have Just ONE spot for all of it. 🙌🏼 I picked mine up at Target. 😍

You'll want a few things to go inside. I absolutely love 3 ring zipper pouches. I have one in the front to hold my journal and a pen. I also use one in the back to handle bills and mail, as well as stamps and a checkbook. You want some dividers. I found some cute ones here, as well as a 3 hole punch and some sheet protectors.

My 5 dividers are labeled:

Daily Docket: This is where I do all my daily planning and list making.

Menus: This is where I keep my dinner menus and grocery lists. (Thats another system for another post but you can learn more in my highlighted stories on Instagram under "dinners")

Kids: Any important flyers/schedules from school or other activities I need to hold on to. (I recycle papers as I no longer need them)

Important Papers: You can choose what to put here. You could have copies of birth certificates, immunization records, medical papers, contracts or whatever you choose that would seem convenient to have in one spot.

Photography: I pull pictures out of catalogs and magazines all the time when I feel inspired by the photography. This will provide a spot for me to keep them organized. If you have a hobby or another responsibility you can use this tab, or add as many tabs as you'd like.

In the first tab labeled "Daily Docket" I have about 30 of these papers printed, 3 hole punched and ready to use. You can download this document here 🙌🏼. It's pretty self explanatory if you look over it. The night before, I fill in the date, what I'm planning for dinner, what workout I plan to do. I use the to do list as needed. I always starting with the 3 most important tasks of the day and use the weekly to do list to remember things I need to get done later. I use my "day at a glance" to pencil in an hour by hour schedule for what I have going on. the AM and PM boxes at the top are to check off if I've completely my AM/PM schedule that day. This AM/PM schedule helps me to track very important habits I'd like to create and maintain. and it looks like this 👇🏼

This little quarter sheet of paper is one of my favorite systems I've ever implemented into my routine. You can download it for printing here. 😘 I Print 4 or 5 at a time and cut them so I have a small stack in my binder at all times. Now choose 5 tasks that are the most essential to you above all else. If these get done, then it doesn't really matter if anything else gets done. Choose activities or tasks that will help you become the person you want to be, or that will tackle habits you'd really like to develop. My AM tasks are currently:

1. Read Scriptures

2.Say Prayers - The first two tasks have never left my AM schedule.

3.Morning Pages -3 pages stream of consciousness writing to clear negative emotions.

4.Journaling- I want to leave something for my kids and grandkids when I'm gone.

5.check emails - I am very bad at this naturally so this helps me stay on top of it.

These can change as often as I need them too. Exercise is another great one to add. I only mark my tasks as complete if I finish them before Noon. I mark my PM tasks as complete if I finish them between Noon and bedtime. My PM schedule currently consists of:

1.Brush Teeth

2.Wash Face- also 2 habits that I've never removed from my schedule

3.Personal Prayers

4.Gratitude Practice

5.Plan tomorrow - I take this time to fill out tomorrow.s daily docket.

I keep my extra schedules in a pocket or pouch and keep the current one I'm using in with my journal. When I begin a new week I like to tape the previous weeks schedule into my journal. It creates a sense or accomplishment for me or motivation to do a bit better. It's also a great way to document the things I've been working on.

We are living in a digital world and I'm still a paper girl 😂 anybody with me? I have a ton of apps I love but there just nothing like writing a list. Excited to get Rockin on this new daily planning system. 😊

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