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Home Tour: Scout's room

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

If you follow along with my stories on Instagram then you've seen Scout's new bedroom set up. She has been a bit needy in the bedtime department ever since her big sis upgraded to her own room at Christmas. We decided to let her re-decorate her space and make it her own.

We moved this darling kids table and chairs up from the sewing room,

We left the curtains we put in originally and the pom pom garland we bought in Ireland last summer. I couldn't find the exact garland anymore, but I did find a Mexican pom pom garland that I think I like even better here.

I don't remember how but Scout became obsessed with the idea of a loft bed with a desk underneath. She doesn't forget about things easily so after 3 months of being asked about it daily I started to look. 😂 Most of what I could find and liked was pretty dang pricey. I know she won't keep this bed all the way through highschool so I wasn't loving the idea of spending a ton of money on it. Both Restoration Hardware Teen and Pottery Barn Teen have gorgeous options by they are upwards of about $2000. I almost resigned myself to spending that and then thought of IKEA. We found this loft bed for less than $500 and I actually prefer the simple modern feel compared to the other options and the storage is awesome! She loves having her own little space to keep all her things at her desk and I love that its all hidden from the front of her room so things always look tidy.

Her bedding is, of course, all from Beddys. I thought I loved their products but I had no idea how much until we started having to make a bunk bed 😳 their zipper bedding is a lifesaver!! This particular bed is called "Vintage blush". You can save 20% off your entire purchase too with my code WEESCOUT20. All pillows are from Beddys as well but we've had them for quite some time and are no longer being made. The "Shine Bright" flag is from Hobby Lobby and is also a few years old.

We don't need a dresser in Scout's room because her closet has drawers in it so we had a big empty wall to fill. We decided to bring up the American Girl Doll House from the basement. This is a project I created and finished at Christmas a few years back. I found some as-is shelves in the damaged section of IKEA, stacked them on top of eachother, wallpapered each room with a wrapping paper 4 pack I picked up at Target and attached it with Scotch spray glue. I furnished the house with Our Generation brand furniture since its adorable and about 1/2 the price of the name brand version. We included a laundry room with a washer and dryer set, a bed for a bedroom, a Kitchen set and a Salon Chair with accessories.

Needless to say she is absolutely loving her new room set up and so am I!

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