• Annie Hutchings

Week 3 Journal Prompts

Monday: "Describe what you love about the weekends"

For me the weekend represents the time for me to unplug. I tend to forget about instagram and my phone when everyone is home or were out having fun and its such a nice break. definitely my fav thing about the weekend.

Tuesday: "How have your Mom skills been tested recently"

Just this morning actually I had a bit of a blow up at my kids 🙈 Not my finest moment, but after some reflection, some apologizing and a conversation with God I realized a few changes I need to make. I tend to let my kids beg for things and get what they want WAY too often. If their friends show up I let them drop whatever responsibility they have to play. Its hard for me because I want them to be kids and have fun but then I end up losing it when we get a bit too far behind. We had a nice discussion after school about how we won't be doing things that way anymore. I know that it will be tough for a while but in a few weeks we'll all adjust and be much happier. Thats the hope anyway.

Wednesday: Ask your child "if you discovered a new type of dinosaur what would it be called and what would it look like"

Scout: "Megadoorness. it would have two heads and one giant eyeball and it's body would be shaped like a banana" 😂

Thursday: Do you think the guy should always pay?

No I don't. I think it depends on who asked out who. Steve always pays because I rarely carry a purse (and we share money anyway) 🤣

Friday: Who is someone that makes you a better person?

This may sound cliche, but Steve does. I want to punch him a lot, but that usually when he's doing something that is making me a better person 🤣❤️

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