• Annie Hutchings

Yoga. Where do I start?

I think I took my first yoga class around age 18. It was at the local gym and I'll admit I wasn't that into it. The instructor spoke in a slow soothing voice and in all honesty, it bugged the crap out of me. 😂 I did enjoy the stretch but didn't feel like it was much of a workout. I didn't go again for years. Looking back I don't think I was quite ready for yoga. I needed something much faster pace and that's fine. I believe its super important to find something you enjoy when it comes to exercise.

After becoming a mother I started teaching Zumba at local gym. I absolutely adored it but it is a pretty high impact workout and I started to crave some healing. Yoga made another appearance in my life. I started hitting up classes in the evening after teaching my Zumba classes and it was just what I needed. I was pregnant with my youngest and had some really profound experiences connect with her while in Yoga classes. That when I fell in love. I realized it is as much (or more) of a spiritual practice as it is physical and I was hooked.

About 6 months after Scout was born I started attending Bikrham Yoga. Bikram yoga is a 90 minute hot yoga class (104 degrees and 40% humidity) that does the same 26 postures in every single class. I was absolutely hooked. I loved the athletic challenge, the physical healing and the spiritual upliftment. My husband loved it to because in his words I was "so happy when (I) go to yoga!" He's right you know. long story short I've been doing it (on and off) ever since and Just finished up my 200 hour Yoga Teacher training where it feels like this Yoga journey has just begun. I get asked a LOT where to started when it comes to yoga after all these years I think I have a few ideas that may help:

1. Go to a class

I know this can be super intimidating, but in all honestly most yoga classes are taught to the beginner and very few people attending the classes would consider themselves yogis. Another perspective that may help is that someone who can "do the pose" gets no more benefit than someone simply trying to do the pose. The benefit is the same either way. YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOURE DONG TO GO TO A YOGA CLASS. I promise. I also find most people are motivated by having others around to workout with.

2. let Technology work for you!

There are TONS of awesome yoga resources on YouTube, simply get on there are search "beginners yoga". I did this a LOT when I first was getting started. The "Sweat" app is a great way to start your yoga journey in the comfort of your own home. I also like @yogoskinz "The fit yogi trainer" program and @alo.moves subscription (both can be found on instagram).

3. Do a "Private"

A yoga therapist can come to your home and give you private lessons. This is my Favorite!! It definitely costs more (about $100 a session) but if you're working on something specific this can make ALL the difference, or if you're dealing with an injury it can help tremendously to have your practice fitted to you personally. If you live in Utah and want someone amazing I can't recommend Kim Hoggan any more highly. She knows a crazy amount about alignment and has completely changed the way I do yoga.

4. Be cosistent and be patient

It's easy to look at Instagram and get caught up in wanting to achieve "peak poses" but the truth of the matter is that most of those yogis have been at it for yeeeeaaaaars and didn't get there over night. being patient and being consistent is KEY in this journey. Flexibility and balance take time so if you're going to give this whole yoga thing a shot give it a good six months to a year of doing it consistently to see if it's really for you. I've found this to be true with any new sport, when I started running it took me 9 months to start enjoying it. I'm not saying it will take that long, but it might so keep at it.

Hope this helps you in getting started on your Yoga Journey. Message me on Instagram @Annie.hutchings if I can help in anyway ❤️


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